Kalix CO2

A proud addition to the Kalix range, the OASIS Kalix CO2, offering CO2 concentration levels of 5.2 – 5.6 g/litre that are similar to leading branded bottled sparkling water. This unit is designed for effortless servicing and sanitisation, the front door panel allows for easy access to filters.

OASIS Direct Chill Point of Use Coolers offer significant hygiene benefits. As the water enters the system, it passes into a pressure vessel and is chilled as it moves through the vessel to the point of dispense. This provides a consistent delivery of chilled water as the water does not come into contact with air until it is dispensed.

Combining carbonation technology with the Kalix PVDC cooling system, the Kalix CO2 provides the most refreshing and sparkling water on the market!

Unique to Kalix is our KaliX Mechanical AutoDrain to help prevent overflowing drip trays.

Colour Options

  • Silver & Dark Grey
  • Light Grey & Dark Grey
  • LUXE Silver & White
  • LUXE Gold & White




    Special Features

    • Push button water dispensing
    • Safety lock hot button
    • Optional Mechanical Autodrain
    • Optional factory installed green filter system
    • Integrated cup dispenser (CD Models only)
    • Large alcove for refilling sports bottles & carafes
    • Pressure Vessel Direct Chill technology
    • CO2 concentration levels similar to branded bottled sparkling water

    Additional information


    Light Grey & Dark Grey, LUXE Gold & White, LUXE Silver & White, Silver & Dark Grey