Aqualogic Filter is more convenient than bottled water. Aqualogic eliminates the hassle of hauling large bottles of water from the supermarket or waiting for delivered water. Aqualogic filtered water costs less per gallon than bottled water.

2,500 gallons – approximately 6 months for the Standard, Lead Reduction and Flouride Reduction filters.

Yes. The Aqualogic Filter improves taste by reducing chlorine, bad taste and odour.

Water will flow from all units at the rate of approx 2.5 liters per minute at a pressure of 60 psi. Pressure will reduce slightly when the filter requires replacement.

No! Filter only cold water. Running hot water through the filters will quickly decrease the effectiveness of the filter.

No. However, if the filter has not been used for a number of days, flush the filter well by running cold water through it for 3 minutes to reactivate the media in the filter.

No. Filter cartridges do not contain any softening agents that have a softening effect on water.

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