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Complies with EU Water Standards
Mains water has already been treated to meet the rigorous requirements of both National and European law. So why not take advantage of it? Once it's filtered you have a virtually endless supply of premium quality water on tap.

Health and Safety at work
When you invest in an Aqualogic cooler you automatically ensure that your company is complying with the latest Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Requirements, S.I. No. 358 of 1995., which states:

(Regulation) 5. Supply of Drinking Water.
''It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure that an adequate supply of wholesome drinking water is provided and maintained at suitable points conveniently accessible to all employed persons''
Eithne Fitzgerald, TD. Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise and Employment.

Why drink more water?
"Water is life." Drinking more adds vitality to your life, but the health experts tell us that few of us drink enough.

  • Water flushes waste matter and toxins through the body.
  • Insufficient body water can contribute to fatigue, muscular pain, constipation and toxic retention.
  • Water constitutes 75% of the human brain.
  • Water is the single most important catalyst in achieving permanent weight loss. It suppresses the appetite and helps to metabolise stored fat.
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body and it is important to remember to drink more water after consuming these drinks in order to maintain the proper water levels for your body.

What are your options for tastier odour free drinking water?
1 Bottled water is great, but can you be bothered lugging seven or eight large bottles home from the supermarket every week?
2 Jug filters are inconvenient, prone to airborne bacteria attack and limited in performance.

The answer!
3 An Aqualogic "in line" filter system gives you and your family the opportunity to drink more quality water direct from the tap without the hassle. Be healthy!!


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