Aqualogic Domestic Under Sink Filter
Basic System for Rural or City

1 Housing Under Counter with Connections HIP101 Doulton Water Filter Sump Removal



This system includes: a HIP100 Housing assembly; MKU100 Mounting Kit, and a cleanable CU1200 UltraCarb Ceramic. Note: A Doulton CU1200 3 stage UltraCarb is the only recommended cartridge for single cartridge systems (see performance chart below). This system's performance may be expanded at any time by simply "plugging" in additional housings.

To clean, service or replace the CU1200 ceramic cartridge the "sump" (white section) is simply unscrewed. The sump is pressure sealed with an "O" ring, therefore no tools are required to loosen or tighten the sump into place. Hand pressure is sufficient. Flow rate is .5GPM@30PSI.

This product is manufactured to meet the following standards:

- National Sanitation Foundation NSF Standard 42
- National Sanitation Foundation NSF Standard 53
- ISO 9002 Quality Standard
- British 5750 Quality Standard
- England's Water Research Council (WRc) Performance Standards

Removal Capabilities are as follows:

- 100% Giarida Lamblia
- 100% Cyclospora
- 99.999% removal of Cryptosporidium
- 99.999% removal of E.Coli, Vibrio Cholerae
- 99.999% removal of Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella Terrigena

- 99% Taste
- 99% Odour
- 98.3% Lead
- 97.2% Chlorine
- 95% Pesticides
- 95% PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons
- 85% Herbicides
- 85% Insecticides
- 75% Aluminium
- 50% Phenols
- 50% Trihalomethane

Application Guide and Contaminant Removal Chart
P= Purification R= Reduction> 95% F= Effective Filtration

Contaminants Removal Rated life CU1200-600 Imperial Gallons (stand alone)
Bacteria P General Description
Application: This system is designed as the minimum standard for homes fed by well, surface or Chlorinated Municipal water and constructed with soldered copper plumbing, galvanized, PVC, or black iron plumbing. This system is also effective for homes which are fed by lead lined or asbestos concrete reinforced water supply mains in their city.

This Under Counter system provides: 100% rejection of Bacteria, Cysts, effective depth filtration of particulate >.5 micron (dirt, asbestos, iron etc), excellent improvement in Taste and Odor, plus the added bonus of Chemical, Lead and Heavy Metal Rejection.

Though not reaching purification standards, this system still produces outstanding rejection of Chlorine (>97%) and Lead (>97%) at its rated life of 600 gallons. Both of these statistics exceed the NSF certification requirements under NSF International Standard 53. The 600 gallon (720 G/US) rating is to ensure that the internal extruded carbon core and Zeolite ion reduction medium remains effective under the worst possible contaminant conditions.

This system is easily cleaned and requires no tools to service.
Cysts P
Taste F
Odors F
Colour F
Chlorine R
Herbicides R
Pesticides R
Lead R
Metals F
Fluoride NA
Nitrates NA
Arsenic NA


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