Domestic Filters
Using an Aqualogic Filter

Aqualogic Filter
Complete €295.00
includes V.A.T. & installation

Better Drinking Water
By Installing an Aqualogic Water Filter, you will immediately improve the quality of the water in your home.

Better Food Preparation
Everything you prepare using filtered water will be healthier, crystal clear and wholesome. With an Aqualogic Water Filter you can rest assured that potentially harmful substances are either completely removed or significantly reduced, leaving a purer, better tasting water.

No More Bottled Water

Our Lifetime Service To You
Risk Free Purchase
Within one full month if, for whatever reason, you don't want to keep the Aqualogic filter system, send or bring it ALL back undamaged and we'll send you a cheque for every penny you paid.
Lifetime Guarantee
Provided you continue to buy your filter element as per schedule from Aqualogic, all parts, except the element, will continue to be covered by our "no quibble" guarantee.
Portability Warranty
If ever or whenever you move house, you may take the Aqualogic filter system with you. We supply, free of charge, a new line piercing valve, as much tube as you require and a chrome cover for the tap hole in the sink. (Worth 20+)
Free Filter Elements Forever?
Each timeyou supply us with the name, address and telephone number of a person whom Aqualogic has not previously contacted and if that person subsequently buys a water filter from us, we will supply you with a free filter element.


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