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Do you recognise yourself below...???

  • "I have bottle watercoolers, enjoy their use, but would love to reduce their cost"
  • "We had bottle watercoolers but had to remove them due to excessive running cost."
  • "My staff keep asking for bottle watercoolers, but I don't want to face endless large bills for water..., so I'm holding out!"
Water Filter

Aqualogic systems for the office are inexpensive, fully maintained by us and can be installed anywhere. No special plumbing or installation is needed - only a standard domestic power point and access to mains water supply. An Aqualogic technician will deliver your cooler where and when you want it and ensure it provides clean, filtered, chilled water before leaving. With stylish good looks and only requiring one square foot of floor space your Aqualogic Cooler will live in harmony in any workplace environment.

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Water Coolers

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Eliminate Bottles Forever!
Never again will you need to be concerned with storing, lifting or recieving deliveries of 5 gallon drinking water bottles. The Aqualogic cooler connects directly into exisitng tap water supply and cleans the water right at the point of use. This assures a virtual unlimited supply of fresh, great tasting drinking water 24 hours a day.


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